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* Please CONTACT US FIRST for the available dates *


Full Day Tour of Busan ( Course A ) w/ an English speaking tour guide

Lunch and all Entrance fees included

Tour Van/Bus will pick you up from your Hotel/guest house if needed

Tour will start at 9 am to 5 pm ~ 6 pm

* $149.99 per person ( Age under 5 free )

* Minimum of 2 tourists required per day if not, it can be cancelled with advance notice.

** Government licensed and insured guaranteed

*** Photographer is available for free


**** prices are based on USD

A. Busan 1-Day Tour w/ Lunch and Fees included

  • The sky walk has drawn attention as the first of its kind in Korea, and for its long, curving trail. To date, the first section of the walk
    has been installed and measures 104 m, stretching around Geobukseom Island. When completed next February, the Songdo Sky Walk will 
    set a new record as the longest ocean walk in Korea at 296 m in length and 2.3 m in width. 

    The sky walk will also have a viewing platform stretching out into the water to give visitors a spectacular view of the coastline. 
    Transparent tempered glass was also used in sections of the flooring for the walk, allowing for clear views of the waters below and 
    giving people the true sensation of walking on water. It is positioned 5.5~8 m above sea level making it far closer to the sea than
    the Oryukdo Sky Walk, which is positioned 37 m above the shore, along a seashore cliff. Everyone will be able to enjoy the thrilling and
    exciting experience of watching blue waves under their feet.

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